Addiction Aftercare in Bristol, CT

Living a life of sobriety is a process. While your journey out of addiction may begin in a detox facility, addiction aftercare in Bristol involves a wide variety of drug addiction aftercare programs. You can attend an outpatient rehab after you go to detox, or you can begin in a more structured inpatient facility. How you recover from your addiction depends on your commitment to your sobriety and your ability to ask for help when you need it. You will be taught to build up a support network, and to depend on your support when you feel like turning to substances instead.

Understanding Addiction Aftercare in Bristol

Drug addiction aftercare programs offer treatment to support you in your life of sobriety. Once you attend a detox program, you will need additional support in order to learn how to live a life without drugs. You will need to build up a support network and learn coping skills that will help keep you sober in times when you feel stress. Aftercare once you attend outpatient rehab can involve a variety treatments that are available in the Bristol area.

Types of Treatment for Addiction Aftercare in Bristol

You can attend an outpatient rehab, where you go home every night, or you can go to a rehab facility that offers support 24 hours a day on an inpatient basis. In both types of rehab you will learn about individual therapy, 12-step groups, and alternative treatments that will help you along the road of recovery.

When you meet with an individual therapist, you will begin to discuss strategies that will help you learn more about your own triggers that led to using drugs in the first place. You will build a relationship with a therapist who will become integral to your overall healing.

You will be introduced to 12-step programs at some point in your recovery journey, usually while you are in an outpatient rehab or inpatient. You will hear stories from other addicts when you attend 12-step meetings, and you will meet others who are in various stages of recovery. 12-step programs offer you peer support and a way to live a life of sobriety. Drug addiction aftercare programs provide you with options so that you can choose the methods that work best for you.

Your individual therapist may also suggest family therapy to address any conflicts that have come up in your immediate family because of your substance abuse. You will work as a family around better communication and learning new ways to build trust back up. Family therapy involves working closely with you and your family to talk about how you all function as a group.

The Importance of Entering Addiction Aftercare in Bristol

Your sobriety begins after you go through medical detox in Bristol, and the work of relapse prevention is just starting. When you attend drug addiction aftercare programs, you are giving yourself a chance at long term sobriety. While you may be able to withdraw from drugs on your own in the beginning, sobriety over the long haul depends on your commitment to treatment and the methods you learn to prevent a relapse.

In addition, if you have a dual diagnosis, you will get the treatment you need for any underlying mental health conditions. In treatment for dual diagnosis, your drug addiction and your mental health will both be focused on at the same time.

For many individuals with a mental health diagnosis, this can often be overlooked when you are addicted to drugs as the addiction is treated first. In a program for dual diagnosis you will receive help for your addiction and the symptoms that occur because of your mental health issues will be addressed.

When you go to relapse prevention programs, you will be able to address any triggers that lead to your addiction. Once you recognize triggers, you will have an easier time preventing a relapse. An aftercare program can also teach you job skills, and give you better coping mechanisms for when you are feeling stressed out. The more you can learn how to balance your life, the better you will be at remaining sober.

While sobriety is a lifelong process, early intervention is going to help you build a strong foundation. You will be able to find a support network that you can reach out to when your life begins to feel unmanageable. Call Bristol Drug Rehab Centers now for help (860) 331-2997.

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